Alice's No Contact Grocery

Deadline is every Wednesday at 5 pm for orders that will be ready for pickup or delivery on Friday. 

Minimum order $100
All purchases must be paid for by Thursday at 11 am or they will not be processed.
Limit 6 rolls of toilet paper & 6 rolls of paper towels for every $150 spent.

Our no contact grocery is designed to minimize your contact with people enabling you to skip all the exposure at the grocery store, AND eliminate the contact and handling that your groceries get by the general public. We special order groceries just for you. They are NEVER seen or touched by the public. We receive your groceries  wearing masks and gloves. All orders and payments will be handled over the phone or via email. All the packaging will be wiped down with a broad range, food safe sanitizer and be delivered to your door (for a small fee) or available for pickup at Alice’s. No customers will be allowed to enter Alice’s building, all pickups will be done outside and we are encouraging people to not even get out of their cars. We have spent some time compiling a list of items that we think will meet the needs of most people. If what you're looking for is not on that list just give us a call and we will see if we can get it for you. We will be taking orders until Wednesdays at 5pm for products that will be ready for pickup or delivery on Friday. Some of our pricing is competitive, some is not, we did the best we could but in the end we do not have the buying power of the large national grocery stores. We were able to source many of the items that are hard to find at other stores but what we really have to offer here is a way to get the things you need while staying safe.

299-8308 or 226-2739

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